How To

This is general How To for all topics under paper design label, for specific instruction please see the Guide for each topic.

File Detail

  • Generally the file format is PDF, but for downloadable file, it is compressed into a ZIP file (.zip), i use 7-Zip to compress it, but you can use other software like WinZip or WinRar to decompressed it.
  • So for this segment, you will need:
  • 7-Zip or WinZip or WinRar or other similiar software
  • PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (Minimum version is 3.0)


  • Ruler (i recommended stainless ruler, as it will use for cutting the paper), see Example.
  • Scissor
  • Cutter, you can use any cutter but Pen Cutter is recommended, see Example.
  • Used Pen, that is a pen that has no ink, use for make folding easier.
  • Cutting Mat, as base for cutting progress, see Example.
  • Glue or Double Side Tape, see Glue ExampleDouble Side Tape Example.

Basic Instructions

  1. After all needed pages printed, if there is a part that must be folded, then use a used pen and ruler to make fold line mark.
  2. Use cutter to cut the pattern, for great result, cut inside of black line, so the cutted pattern has no black color in their side.
  3. After the pattern was cutted, make fold for all fold line mark.
  4. Apply glue or double side tape in Glue Area then attach their connected part.